Offshore Company Formation

Business link Consultancies are specialists in the establishment of offshore companies. Founded in the UAE since 1997. We strictly adhere to international professional standards.

We are the registered authorized representatives of the Government of Dubai UAE for the formation of offshore companies.

What is an offshore company?

Offshore companies are those that are registered and licensed under one of the UAE’s Free Trade Zones, And a company registered outside the country where its business owners, officers, directors, shareholders, members, partners has resident.

The purpose for the establishment of such a company is to take advantage of laws and get benefits include tax savings, protection of property from litigation or taking advantage of foreign business opportunities.

Advantages of An Offshore Company

  • Fully foreign owned
  • Utilising the virtual company form
  • Suitable for simple international transactions
  • No tax structure for capital gains or withholding tax
  • Elimination or minimization of capital gains.
  • Exemption from all types of taxes.
  • No minimum capital required to be deposited in the bank
  • Protection of assets
  • Shareholder confidentiality and privacy in business operations
  • Advantage of a multi-currency account
  • Tax optimization
  • It is not necessary to keep the public record of directors and shareholders.
  • Accounting or auditing is not mandatory.
  • The opening of a corporate bank account in Dubai/United Arab Emirates is allowed.