Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City is the newest free zone in the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah Media City has a great strategic location 15 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport and only 5 minutes from Sharjah Airport. Sharjah Media City offers companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs from the technology, media and other creative industries a wide range of opportunities for various industries and the granting of business licenses.

With a top-class infrastructure, you can build your business from AED 11,500. Your company would only take 2-3 days to register. In addition, we offer comprehensive support for PRO services and represent your company in government agencies. We can help you open a bank account and provide you with exclusive contacts to the best banks in the UAE.

By opting for the minimum package of flexi desk you will receive up to 6 visas at the best price. To setup your business with SHAMS, no depositing is needed and you do not even need to be physically present in the UAE. Our consultants will setup your business quickly and in the best available way.


  • The cost of starting a business starts at AED 11,500
  • No physical presence in the UAE required to register your new business
  • No need for NOC to set up your business
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% free bank transfer
  • No restriction on capital repatriation
  • 0% Import or re-export duties
  • 0% income tax
  • No restriction on the recruitment of foreign employees
  • All documents issued in 2 days
  • No paid-up share capital or annual audit
  • All processes are simple, digital and very cost efficient

Types of licences

Service License – This license allows you to produce, reproduce, transform and distribute various types of services. The service license covers the provision of services as the primary objective and the use of goods to provide a service.
Industry license – You can open the business involved in producing, reproducing, transforming and manufacturing goods.
Trade license – selling goods within the Shams Freezone or importing and exporting the goods. The trade license includes: Trade in goods, wholesale and retail of goods and the provision of services related to the sale of these goods. Wholesale and retail trade are the final steps in the distribution of goods.