The Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) was established by the Government of Dubai in 1996 with the main purpose of creating a diversified economy. Since then, the DAFZ has grown year after year and is now one of the fastest growing free zones in Dubai. Foreign investors wishing to open a business in the Dubai Airport Free Zone can choose between two types of companies:

  • Free Zone Establishments (FZE);
  • Branch offices.

You can acquire two types of business licenses, about which our company incorporation agents in Dubai can provide further information.

Requirements for opening a business in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

The opening of a company in the free trade zone of Dubai airport depends on the requirements of the investor. Foreign individuals and companies can establish free zone companies, for which the following is required:

  • At least one shareholder;
  • At minimum capital of 1000 AED.

The branch office is available to foreign companies seeking an established presence in the Free Zone.

The two types of licenses available to all types of companies opened in the Dubai Airport Free Zone are the Trade License and the Service License.

Below is a list of documents that must be submitted to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • A application form issued by the Authority
  • Letter of Intent
  • Business plan (for an FZE) or information on the parent company (for a branch).
  • Properly fill the application form
  • Company profile and brochure
  • Audited annual financial report of the organisation or 6-month statement of account of the Shareholder(s)
  • Bank reference letter (original document)
  • Curriculum vitae and passport copy of the shareholder
  • CV and passport copy of the manager
  • No objection letter from the sponsor, if it is a company based in the UAE
  • No objection Letter for the manager, in the case of a branch office;

Advantages of registering a company in the Dubai Airport Freezone

  • Setting up a company in the United Arab Emirates has several advantages, and the same applies to setting up a company in the free zone of Dubai Airport. Below are some of the key benefits that a DAFZA-registered organisation will enjoy:
  • One of the main advantages is that the Free Zone is located in the immediate vicinity of the airport, which facilitates it for investors/entrepreneurs who are often on business.
  • Anyone planning to set up a business in Dubai can be assured of a great lifestyle as the UAE offers quality facilities and a wide range of shopping, hotel and entertainment venues.
  • There is a state of the art high-tech environment throughout the city that makes travel and shopping a convenient experience.
  • Companies registered with the DAFZA receive round-the-clock support in freight, IT and investment matters.
  • Dubai’s strong economy offers the opportunity to expand its customer base and international presence.
  • The Free Zone offers fast freight services, which means companies do not have to struggle to secure capacity for their shipping needs.
  • There are no currency restrictions so companies can invest and do business in the currency that best suits their needs.
  • Investors can benefit from 100% foreign ownership and 100% capital remittances and profits.
  • Those who choose to set up a business in Dubai will receive a 100% tax exemption on
    (a) Corporate and personal income
    (b) All imports and exports

To take advantage of the benefits of setting up a business in DAFZA, entrepreneurs and investors should partner with a reputable business start-up consultancy in Dubai to obtain the right licenses and to operate more efficiently.